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As conversation activists, we believe conversation is the thread that connects us to our common humanity. It reflects our relationship to self, others and the world. Shifting the conversation toward deep inquiry can help us get underneath our personal, familial and human discontents and destructions.

Inquiry can be as simple as everyday conversation or as big as an organizational process to solve systemic problems.

For example, inquiry is when your neighbor talks about how people used to be on the streets and you ask why instead of complaining together. Or when your mom makes a snide remark about your dress and you get curious about her relationship to fashion instead of reacting. Or when a community board gets curious about the decrease in high school graduates instead of applying a quick fix.

The trouble is that in our modern world, inquiry can get relegated to the keyboard through social media, texting, and email where the full story can never be told and where we can hide behind anonymity. And well, what does that lead to? Perhaps a desperate and futile attempt to be understood or it could lead to turning away, isolating, or cutting off communication.

Although we are writing here, clicking away at our own keyboards, we in no way believe our thinking is definitive. We are here as writers – to demonstrate inquiry and hopefully spark curiosity that touches you in your own life. Our ever-shifting opinion is one peak or valley among many – we may say things one day that we change the next. Why? Well, that’s a good question! And we love questions. Let’s talk!

Our work has grown out of BreakBread.World and Culture Shift Agency.

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Striking the match on our embedded ways of thinking. By Martha Williams & John Scilipote


Let’s build a culture of inquiry through conversation.
Everywhere you go, people think they are right. Why?
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